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Foode- Best Burger

In American on January 20, 2012 at 4:22 am

1006 Caroline Street  Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

“I’m sorry, we are no longer accepting customers for lunch,” with just one sentence the Foode staff crushed our hopes.  This time my friend and I came prepared, knowing exactly what time we should arrive and what we were going to order.  The ordering process is nontraditional in the sense that you order at the front counter before you are lead to your seat and brought a cup of refreshing lemon water.  We decided on the the Foode fries with a curry dipping sauce as an appetizer, which was brought out quickly by one of the Foode chefs.  I would recommend the grilled cheese for crust lovers, but those who prefer their grilled cheeses on loaf bread will be startled.  The sandwich was tasty, but paled in comparison to the black bean burger, which is hands down the best veggie burger I have ever had the pleasure of consuming.  From the stylish presentation to the moist burger and soft bun, the burger dazzled my taste buds in a way that I have never experienced before.

There are many reasons why I would return to Foode.  The fresh ingredients are largely acquired locally and the food is creative, visually appealing, made with care and not to mention ridiculously tasty.  The service is also efficient, as the wait for neither the line nor food took too long.  I cannot wait until I am in Fredericksburg again so that I can return to Foode and treat myself to another mouth-watering meal.

Foode Fries (Hand-Cut Russets Served with Curry Aioli Sauce)

Foode Fries (Hand-Cut Russets Served with Curry Aioli Sauce)

Cheesy Black Bean Burger (Black Beans, Green& Red Peppers, Seasoned Rice, Cilantro Mayo, House Pimiento Cheese) with Potato Salad

Cheesy Black Bean Burger (Black Beans, Green& Red Peppers, Seasoned Rice, Cilantro Mayo, House Pimiento Cheese) with Potato Salad

Cheesy Black Bean Burger (Black Beans, Green& Red Peppers, Seasoned Rice, Cilantro Mayo, House Pimiento Cheese) with Potato Salad

Grilled Cheese for "Big Kids" (Bentons Bacon, Sharp Chedder, Organic Arugula Pesto, Smoked Jalapeno Aioli) with Potato Salad

Foode's interior features seating for parties of 2-10.


Amsterdam Falafelshop- Best Fries

In Middle Eastern on January 8, 2012 at 1:01 am

2425 18th Street NW  Washington DC 20009

The ordering process is somewhat chaotic in this small falafel shop, but the cramped quarters are redeemed by the toppings bar, where 21 sauces and toppings await the companionship of your warm falafel.  Please, I beg you not leave without trying the fries, which have amazingly perfected the ratio of soft potato to crisp outside.  Not a single fry disappoints, even the overgrown and slightly more obese fries have the texture of their thinner counterparts.

After seeing me not so discretely snapping shots, the cashier asked me whether I was a spy for the McDonald’s corporation.  So, staff has a sense of humor.

Regular Falafel with Cilantro, Tzatziki Sauce, Chickpea Salad and Cucumbers with Red Onions

Regular Fries (Served in a piping hot cone and fried to perfection, dunked in dutch mayo)

Falafel and Fries

Falafel Building Directions

21 Falafel Sauces and Toppings

Inside Seating

Amsterdam Falafelshop Exterior includes outside seating and water for any furry friends.

The Otter House

In American on December 29, 2011 at 12:26 pm

1005 Princess Anne Street  Fredericksburg, VA 22401

I had been eyeing this place for a long time, but was disappointed with both the food and the service.

The smiles of my friend and I were wide when we caught sight of the gravy and queso fries.  The appetizer was tasty, but would have preferred to savor the crispness of the fries with a gravy and queso dip, rather than have to pry each fry from the artery-clogging concoction.  The burger selection was creative with choices like the Gus Burger (Taylor ham, fried egg and cheddar cheese) and Surf & Turf Burger (topped with lump crab meat and house hollandaise sauce), but neither had the “wow” factor.  I would have liked to try the Salisbury Burger (topped with mashed potatos & gravy), but sadly it was not available as a trio.

The waiter was friendly, but often unavailable and our burgers and fries took upwards of a half hour to prepare when there was only one other table present.  Our waiter left without announcing the end of the shift or that we would be served by another waitress for the remaining time.  After the underwhelming food and irritating service, I will not be returning.

Gravy and Queso Waffle Fries

Burger Trio (Gus, Surf & Turf, and Classic Burger)

The Shake Shack

In American on August 9, 2011 at 9:14 pm

2 St. Marks Pl.  New York, NY 10003

Single Hamburger (only pickles)

Single Hamburger (only pickles)

Cheese Fries (Shack Cheddar & American Cheese Sauce)

Single Hamburger (all toppings)